After About Ten Years The Two Beluga Whales Are Moved A Step Closer To Open Water Home

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Two beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, had not been in the sea for about ten years since they were taken from a Russian whale research center in 2011, the Sea Life Trust said.

The two beluga whales are moved to an open water sanctuary.

The two are in a care area at the world’s first open water sanctuary at Klettsvik Bay off the south coast of Iceland, as they need time to acclimatize to their new natural environment.

Little Grey and Little White have been under the supervision of experts throughout the move. Considering their move from their landside care facility on the island of Vestmannaeyjar, they are healthy and are feeding well.

They were transferred in specially designed slings with custom foam matting to cushion them during the transfer using a truck and the harbor’s tugboat.

The first stage of their release back into the ocean was smooth due to the extensive planning and rehearsals.

It would appear after carefully monitoring of Little Grey and Little White with expert care team and veterinarians they hope to announce their final release into the ocean soon.

Beluga whales facts;

Beluga whales are incredibly vocal and often referred to as ‘sea canaries’ because of the birdlike sounds. They use chirps, squeals, and whistles.

Beluga whales are social butterflies as they are active non-violent and socialize with each other.

Belugas whales are like dolphins. They are smart and can mimic the rhythms and frequencies of human speech.

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