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A Wild Horse Sprints To His Girlfriend After 2 Year

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The reunion of two animals is one of the most beautiful things in this world. A horse sanctuary that rescues wild mustangs reunites two horses that shared a deep bond with one and another. Even though it took them two years to arrange the reunification, it was definitely a heartwarming moment. 

Clare Staples came across a picture of a wild mustang named Phoenix. It was after seeing him appear on an American Wild Horse Campaign. It showed Phoenix leaping out of a catch pen and his girlfriend’ Ghost’ looking up at him. 

Although Phoenix jumped over the fence successfully that day, he was against leaving his herd behind. He came back looking for his family. According to Clare, the founder, and president of the Skydog Sanctuary, wild horses formulate unbreakable familial bonds. 

She tracked Phoenix in order to rescue him and allow him his freedom. The sanctuary aims at rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing wild mustangs. Although Clare tried to adopt Phoenix and his family, she was only able to adopt Phoenix. She took him to the Skydog’s Oregon Ranch, and there he made new friends. 

But Phoenix always looked at the horizon and seemed to be rather sad because he missed his family and Ghost. After two years passed, Clare was finally able to find Ghost and reunite her with Phoenix. The moment when they met after two years was just magical. The video of them reuniting has widespread across the internet.

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Phoenix gallops towards Ghost, and they both sniff each other’s necks. Then they trot away together. There has also been a massive development in Phoenix’s mood after Ghost returned.

They are rather inseparable now. Clare’s efforts to reunite Ghost and Phoenix finally paid off. Hats off to Clare and the Skydog Sanctuary for their hard work.

For years they have been attending to the needs of wild horses and burros. The workers there treat the horses with the utmost kindness, love, and compassion. They even allow freedom for horses who prefer to be left alone. During a hard time like this, a story like this gives us a ray of hope. 

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Wild horses can be dangerous, especially in unfamiliar and confined surroundings, as they are prey animals. They are unaccustomed to people, which they perceive as a threat. Like most animals, when they feel threatened and have no place to retreat, they will attack.

You’re not allowed to catch a wild horse or keep it, as they are protected and owned by the Bureau of land Management. You may contact them and ask permission to adopt a wild horse, and then you may not sell it for a year.

Horses can sleep standing or lying down. They can doze into alight sleep while standing. Lying down makes animals vulnerable to predators.

It’s a crime to slay or harass wild horses on federal land.

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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