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A Touching Christmas Ad Shows Us What’s Important When Dad Bravely Tries To Deliver Daughter’s Letter

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Coca-Cola is a well-known brand all around the world. They have been coming up with creative advertisements for a long time. You might even remember the ad with the polar bear in it. 

Well, this year, they have not disappointed us. Coca-Cola designed a Christmas advertisement where a father goes to extreme lengths to ensure that Santa receives his daughter’s letter. 

Taika Watiti directed this heartwarming commercial. He is famous for his box office success in films such as ‘JoJo Rabbit’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. His experience has enabled him to capture many people’s hearts worldwide through this advertisement. 

The father in the advertisement works on an offshore rig. While enjoying his meal, he realizes that he forgot to post his daughter’s letter to Santa. He embarks on a journey filled with various obstacles to reach the North Pole. 

The father crosses the ocean, climbs mountains, and treads through wild jungles to get to the North Pole. When he arrives at Santa’s house, he finds out that it is closed for the holidays. But that is not the end. A Coca-Cola truck driver offers him a ride back home. 

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When the father gets down at his house, he opens his letter to see that his daughter’s wish is that her father returns home for Christmas.

Wasn’t it all an extraordinary coincidence?

In the end, we see that the truck driver is none other than Santa himself. Coca-Cola conveys a message saying, “This Christmas, give something only you can give.” It is a very emotional advertisement that communicates a message with a profound meaning attached to it.

It shows us that making time for our loved ones is what matters. It doesn’t matter how you do it—our heartfelt gratitude to Coca-Cola for creating yet another fantastic commercial. 

Click below to watch the commercial.

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Christmas is a time of spiritual celebration and reflection on the essential foundations of the Christian faith. Christians celebrate God’s love globally through the birth of the Christ child, Jesus. 

Most children love Santa, also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, and Father Christmas, who is a jolly man in red. To most, he is a legendary character who is said to bring gifts to well-behaved children’s homes.

Christmas has a different meaning in many cultures, but one thing for sure is that spending quality time with a loved one is what matters most.

Featured images is taken from the YouTube video.

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