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A Shop Owner Installed a Glass Ceiling for His Cats; Now They Can’t Stop Staring at Him

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If you are a cat lover, you might have noticed that they are extra curious and love observing everything happening around them. So they pick vantage points to keep their eyes on incidents taking place in their environment. 

Glass ceilings are used by cats for this purpose, the same as they use windows and snuggle up on the window sills to view the world that passes by them. A Taiwanese Twitter user @SCMcrocodile shared some pictures of his friend’s shop after he renovated the attic to accommodate his cats. 

The proud owner of three beautiful cats is currently observed all day long by his cats. It all started when the shop owner decided to use glass ceiling panels for his attic modification instead of regular suspended ceiling tiles. 

Ever since the new addition to the attic, the cats have been hanging out on the glass tiles above the shop, lying down and intensely looking at the humans below.

They even meow at the humans who come into the shop. The glass is the spot on which they chill most of the day.

The view from below is hilarious and a bit creepy. Can only imagine the shock on some unsuspecting customers’ faces when they first discover cats are watching them?

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Some people might find it really creepy to look up and see a cats staring at them attentively.

Jokes went viral when the pictures circulated on social media.

Don’t you think they’re a great surveillance system? More like a purrfect ‘purrveillance’ system.

Cats are intelligent; a stray mother cat gave birth near a local hospital in Turkey, where she brought her sick kitten to the hospital in the hope of help

Cat make great pets as they are low maintenance. 

They are quiet and independent.
They don’t need you to take them for walks. 
They don’t need training, like dogs.
They groom themselves, so they frequently need grooming.
They don’t need less attention than dogs.
They also keep your home pest-free.

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They say a cat’s purr is within a range of 20-140 Hz, which is known to be medically therapeutic for humans’ illnesses. 

Behaviors that show you a cat really likes you.

If a cat really likes you, it will headbutt you out of love. Their tail will twitch at the tip or curl around your leg. If a cat shows you its tummy, it also means it likes you. They can even nibble you and bring you gifts.

Cats are loyal; here is a touching story of an eight-year-old rescue cat who found his forever home when he was just a kitten. From the time his human mommy got pregnant, he began cuddling her tummy. When introduced to the newborn baby, he snuggled her and has been by her side ever since.

Image credits: CMcrocodile

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