A Rescued Deer And A Kitten Meeting For The First Time

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We all enjoy looking at friendships formed between species that are entirely different from one another. Some people believe that animals are incapable of feeling empathy and compassion. But that belief is incorrect. This video is proof.

Every day we hear stories about friendships evolving between two highly unlikely species. Here we talk about a friendship between a rescued fawn and kitten. A video of these two has been spreading across the internet. 

wildlife rehabilitation center in Texas called Kelly’s Kritters rescued a baby deer suffering from a leg injury. They named the fawn Snowflake. 

During the stay, Snowflake met the other rescued animals in the rehabilitation center. That is how this baby deer met the little kitten in the video. 

It didn’t take them long to bond. First, the baby deer started sniffing the kitten. Then the fawn started licking the baby kitten, and the kitten seemed to enjoy it. The kitten even returned the affection by giving the fawn a few licks back. 

Despite the differences between animals, they all speak the universal language of love. People all over the world had so many positive things to say about this friendship. They loved the video of the fawn meeting the kitten. Everyone thought it was just too adorable.

Featured image is screenshot from YouTube video

Isn’t it just lovely to watch them? 

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you that animals speak the universal language of love, here we have two more stories of friendships between animals.

A friendship between a two-legged chihuahua named Roo and the fluffy chicken named Penny developed when they met at the Duluth Animal Hospital. The two were both neglected. Roo, the dog, was left on a roadside due to his deformity. They became best friends and do so much together.

Two dogs and a goat formed another unique friendship. Bo, a black Labrador, went missing. Days later, Bo was spotted with two new friends he made along the way. Bo had befriended a white lab and a goat on the road. 

One of my favorites is the love captured between an owl and a Malinois shepherd dog who were both rescued. It is similar to a story you would read in a storybook. 

Poldi was the runt of the litter and had only a slight chance of survival without extra care. Ingo, a year-old shepherd dog at the time, started showing an interest in the owl, and a unique friendship was formed.

You have to agree they are heart-warming stories!

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