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A Rare Cat Was Born With Four Ears And is Named Yoda

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There’s an interesting story behind almost every family cat’s name. The cat in this story is named ‘Yoda’ because he was born with four ears. It makes him very unique — the extra two ears are situated behind his normal ears. 

Some might think that it makes his hearing great. But this is not the case. Experts say that these ears are possibly not attached to the base of the skull. Apparently, it falls under genetic mutation and doesn’t have any effect on his hearing either.

Yoda’s adoption story is also as unique as he is. Ted Rock and Valerie were at a pub with their friends when a cage there grabbed their attention. Many people were gathering around it, curious to see what was inside.

The people were passing around a kitten. Although it was part of a litter, this kitten had difficulties in getting adopted. He wasn’t as lucky as his siblings were. Valerie and Ted didn’t want to adopt this kitten because their cat passed away recently after being with them for 20 years. 

But as the saying goes, things happen for a reason. When this kitten reached Ted, it fell asleep in the crook of his neck. It definitely feels like a clear sign that it was meant to be. How could they say no to this adorable kitten after all that happened?

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They took him home and named this extraordinary creature ‘Yoda.’ Yoda found his perfect home with two loving parents.

As Ted and Valerie were concerned about his condition, they took him to a vet soon after adopting him. Even the vet hadn’t seen anything of this sort before. Yoda’s owners keep him at home because they’re afraid that someone might kidnap him due to his uniqueness. 

According to Ted and Valerie, Yoda acts as a typical cat would. He is friendly and curious. Besides his ears, the other thing that makes him stand out is his obsession with bread. 

Yoda is lucky to have found a safe and caring home. 

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Cats, like all living animals, occasionally have mutations that affect their body character. Sometimes, these cat body-type mutations are striking enough that humans select for and perpetuate them. Yoda is not the only cat with four ears and won’t be the last.

In another story, we have ‘Pikachu,’ whose owner turned her cat into a real-life Pikachu cat when she treated her for fungal infection with turmeric.

According to her owner, her cat had ringworm, and she tried everything to cure it, yet nothing worked. Her mother then came up with the idea of using turmeric.

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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