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A Man in Cameroon Uses Waste Plastic Bottles to Build Canoes for Fishermen in Need

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Would you believe it if I said that you could build canoes out of plastic bottles? You would think I am was crazy, right? Yet it is actually true. 

A young gentleman from Cameroon came up with this fantastic idea. 

He hopes to reduce pollution in his home city by transforming plastic bottles into canoes. This young man named Ismaël Essome Ebone got inspired to build these boats after seeing plastic bottles floating on floodwater during a thunderstorm. 

It was back in 2011 when he was a student. Afterward, Ebone collected plastic bottles from various places in his town and built his model. He then tested it during a storm. To everyone’s surprise, the boat actually worked perfectly. 

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He has named these canoes “EcoBoats.” After this successful attempt, he invested his money in a nonprofit charity called ‘Madiba & Nature.’ They collect plastic bottles from their region, to transform them into boats and help fishermen in need.

It also contributes to ecotourism. This successful venture led Ebone’s organization to install the first EcoBin in their nation. This EcoBin collects, sorts, and recycled waste. 

According to the Madiba and Nature Facebook page, “The EcoBin makes it easier to collect plastic bottles smartly and avoid polluting rivers and the ocean in Kribi and Douala. Going from plastic waste to EcoBoat and EcoBin, the revolution is on the way.”

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Another excellent idea for plastic waste has been invented in the UK.

A company based in the UK discovered a fantastic way to reduce plastic waste by turning plastic waste into roads. Some of the waste plastic collected will be melted into pothole fillers.

This technology warrants that the timespan of the conventional asphalt material would be extended when combined with the plastic waste that the company produces. It will assist in decreasing the amount of fossil fuel used during the process.

Another innovative idea was found on a beach. A see-through fish sculpture, made from barbed wire and mesh, was placed on the beach with the sign, “Goby loves plastic, please feed him.” Goby was designed for garbage. How cool is that idea? It makes it fun for kids to feed him for recycling purposes.

We should be taking waste plastic seriously as they predict, in the year 2050, there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish.

Please look after our precious planet and do your bit about plastic waste, as plastic takes centuries to break down.

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Featured image is screenshot from the YouTube video.

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