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A Judge Gives Animal Abusers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine With His Creative Ideas

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The world has a lot of cruelty in it where humans and animals get abused daily. Sadly humans harm animals that they took into their homes as pets. 

You might have heard stories globally of how people tend to abuse animals and get away with it. Animal abusers get away with their crimes easily without receiving any form of punishment. 

One fair judge from Painesville, Ohio, decided that he would not let these animal abusers get away with their crimes. This judge is Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconeti. He was against animal abusers going unpunished or given a minor punishment. So he decided to give out unusual sentences to teach the abusers unforgettable lessons.

He started loving animals after he got his first Dachshund mix named Herman. The judge has a Bernese mountain dog named Kasey. Although the judge doesn’t give out unlawful punishments, he doesn’t mind giving the offenders some discomfort and embarrassment. He sentenced a woman to spend a night in the woods because she abandoned 35 kittens in the woods.

Judge Michael even sentenced another woman to spend a day in a smelly local dump because she neglected her dog, allowing it to live in complete filth. 

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The judge aims to spread awareness about animal abuse and its repercussions through these sentences. He started giving out these rather unusual sentences after realizing that jail time wasn’t valuable in making the offenders understand the gravity of their mistakes.

He is a fair judge because he makes sure that the sentences he gives the offenders fit the crimes. Other states or, for that matter, countries could learn from this amazing man. 

Let’s spread awareness about animal abuse and report incidents like these whenever we witness them.

This Judge has gone viral for his creative punishments and his logic makes perfect sense. Watch the video below;

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