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A Homeless Man Rushes into Burning Shelter and Saves all the Animals

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It appears that people care less nowadays, so stories like this restore my faith in humanity. This story is about a man who cared about animals so much that he actually risked his own life to save them. 

This courageous man, Keith Walker, a 53-year-old homeless person, saw the W-Underdogs animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, going up in flames. He didn’t think twice to risk his life in order to save the innocent creatures trapped inside. Keith was able to save ten cats and six dogs. 

This hero managed to rescue all the animals before the fire reached them. “I was nervous, and I’m not going to lie. I was really scared to go in there with all that smoke. God put me there to save those animals,” Keith shared with CNN. 

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Keith has been homeless since he was just 13 years of age. He even has a good companion, a pit bull named Bravo. When the fire started, Keith was on his way to the shelter to pick up his dog. Since Gracie Hamlin knows Keith well, she lets him leave Bravo in the shelter every night. 

Gracie was very grateful because Keith was able to save all the shelter animals. “He is my guardian angel. He was pulling out the cats and dogs until they were all safe.” She can’t thank him enough for saving her animals. She was in disbelief, as she had been around a fire and knew how fast they could flare-up. “He is my hero,” She told CNN. 

Keith considers Bravo to be his best friend. According to him, he wouldn’t be where he is without Bravo. This is what encouraged him to save the animals in the shelter.

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Fortunately, before the fire, the shelter had already planned on moving the animals to a new facility. So the shelter animals were all moved there. 

The W-Underdogs organization empowers the youth in underserved communities to discover their voices. They also teach them the value of compassion toward animals and people.

Animal shelters, or otherwise known as pounds, are where stray, lost, abandoned, or surrendered animals are housed. The word “pound” originates in the animal pounds of agricultural communities. Where stray livestock would be confined or impounded until their owners claim them.

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Most animals that are in shelter come with a personality ready-made and a past that is unique to them. Most of them have never experienced the life of a loving home. So when you think of buying an animal, why not visit a shelter and give one of those animals a chance for a happy future in life.

Most animals at the shelters are checked out, spayed, snipped, and vaccinated. When you are buying online, it could be risky, as you don’t know if the animal has been sickly, and that would mean you could end up paying huge veterinary bills.

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