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A Heart-warming Story Of The World’s Lonely Elephant When He Meets Another Elephant For The First Time In Eight Years

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We all feel lonely sometimes, and animals are no different from us. They, too, have feelings and emotions. Kaavan was dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ globally. Thankfully he was able to meet one of his kind after more than eight years. It was a heartwarming moment.

Kaavan is no ordinary elephant; he suffered immensely for many years.

This 36-year-old elephant lived his life in chains for 35 years at the Maraghazar Zoo in Islambad, Pakistan.

He was mistreated and neglected. The only good thing in his life was his companion Shaheli. But she passed away eight years back. Kaavan has been all alone since then.

Thanks to the campaign, which started in 2016 for Kaavan; he was able to experience freedom. In May 2020, the High Court in Islamabad ordered that the elephant be relocated to a different sanctuary with immediate effect. Many animal welfare organizations, charities, and activists supported the campaign to set him free

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The Sri Lankan elephant was transferred to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Siem Reap. When Kaavan arrived there, he met one of his kind for the first time in eight years.

Many emotional photographs and footage have done its rounds all over the internet.

The two elephants reached for each other’s trunks through their enclosures. They did so very tenderly. Kaavan seemed pleased to have met a new friend. After all that he has been through, we’re glad that he is finally safe and happy. Kaavan now has the opportunity to live a peaceful life among his own.

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According to the Director of Project Development at FOUR PAWS International, Amir Khalil, Kaavan physical and psychological rehabilitation and some medical attention. He stated that the elephants’ feet are sensitive, and Kaavan has cracks in his nails. He was also overweight and has been on a diet. He was about five and a half tons and has lost weight now.

Amir Khalil said he never observed an elephant that can smile and has so much emotions as Kaavan, who is so forgiving.

Once he adapts to a controlled setting, he will be released into a wildlife sanctuary in the Oddar Meanchey province in Cambodia. At the moment, 600 other Asian elephants are living there. The Cambodian Environment Ministry believes that he will be able to live there in peace and tranquility. 

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Such a heart-warming story when Kaavan got his freedom; it brought tears to my eyes.

Elephants are highly intelligent and social and are the largest land animals among the most exuberantly expressive creatures. Through research, scientists have found that elephants have deep feelings, such as anger, grief, joy, love, compassion, and complex thoughts.

Elephants support each other in times of distress. They also grieve for their dead just like us. A frightened or excited elephant would raise its tail and chin. A socially excited elephant lifts and rapidly flaps its ears and widens its eyes. When an elephant’s tail is swishing from side to side, it is generally happy or swatting flies away.

Featured image is a screenshot taken from the YouTube video.

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