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A Gift From The Sea 42 Beautiful SeaShells

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Mother Nature is a creator, a protector to all things that surround us. Mother Nature is nurturing, life-giving, and caring, just like most mothers who gave birth to children.

Things like the weather, landforms, organisms, celestial bodies, and countless other things form part of nature. Mother Nature provides us with our daily needs of water and food. We build our homes and get heat from Mother Nature. 

Some times we are too busy in our lives to see some of the breathtaking vistas of nature that surround us. Mother Nature is an artist. Open your eyes and look around you at the tiniest of things. How perfectly shaped the flowers are, the leaves, the grass we walk on, the grass doesn’t just die unless we tread on it continuously.

In this article, we have Seashells, which are the exoskeletons of mollusks such as clams, oysters, and snails, and many more — a home for animals without a backbone.

Should a snail’s shell crack, the tissue surrounding its organs secretes proteins and calcium, which needed to repair the shell. The snail can repair minor injuries to its shell.

Many people think that they hear the sound of the ocean in a seashell. Basically, any air that makes its way into a shell gets bounced around. Due to the shape of the shells, it produces high or low pitched sounds that sound pleasingly like an ocean.

Next time you’re out and about look at your surrounding, even the sky. Look at the shapes of everything around you. Take in all the beauty that Mother Nature provides and appreciate everything.
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