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A French Engineer Invented Shelters For The Homeless That Retains Heat During Winter

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Homeless people face cold winters, and some things are not easy or comfortable for them. 

Fortunately, most of us have heaters and bed-warmers at home to protect us from the cold, yet some are not that lucky. 

Have you ever stop to think, how these people survive this harsh climate? Although we can be sympathetic towards them, there isn’t much we can do to help them with this situation. Contributing a blanket is not enough at all.

A French Engineer named Geoffroy de Reynal decided to be their savior. After he heard about the Siberian freeze sweeping across France, he came up with the fantastic idea of building pop-up igloos that can fit a person in. The igloo is made out of polythene foam that is covered up by aluminum foil on the inside. 

He calls it the “Iglou”. It remains warm inside due to the double layer. The thermal insulation in the Iglou, absorbs body heat and raises the inner temperature by 20C. This excellent design has solar lighting, which can be controlled by the occupants.

They have now manufactured grey ones that are better for the shade in the forest and urban environment and two sizes, for either one or two people. 

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These shelters provide social security, warmth, and a place to share private moments without being eyed by the public. The other perks of the Iglous are compact, waterproof, easily repairable, and recyclable. You can even wash it when it gets dirty. 

The first testing for the pop-up igloo was with 9 Iglous distributed around Bordeaux, and the feedback was very positive. Those who received Iglous didn’t want to leave them, and the ones who didn’t get it wanted one. 

They delivered their first ones to Canada last winter and currently active in 5 countries in Europe.

Crowd-funding has been used to fund the whole plan. This wonderful human being is not just creative and innovative but is also socially responsible. He is an excellent example for all human beings. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind into it. 

You can find more info by clicking here at Iglou
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