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A Fluffy Chicken And A Two-Legged Chihuahua Form An Adorable And Unlikely Friendship

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This odd friendship between the two-legged chihuahua named Roo and the fluffy chicken named Penny is brought to you all the way from Duluth in Georgia. This adorable duo will touch your heart? 

Penny, the bunny-like hen, used to be an experimental chicken in a laboratory. But when they finished using her for experiments, Alicia Williams came to her rescue. 

Alicia works at the Duluth Animal Hospital. Her action enabled Penny to be alive and form this amazing friendship.

Quite similar to Penny, Roo was also neglected and left on a roadside due to his deformity. Although Roo didn’t have much luck and has only two legs, he was definitely lucky enough to meet his best friend Penny and be under the care of Alicia Williams. 

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

Roo’s deformity has been very tough on him. But fortunately, the people at the hospital were able to help him. His newest addition of heavy-duty wheels enables him to travel just about all over. 

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

At first, Roo found these wheels rather annoying. But thanks to his companion Penny and the treats, Roo is getting used to this carriage-like supporter.

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

Alicia also says that he sometimes runs over Penny as he doesn’t realize how big his wheels are.  

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

These two have plenty of followers who desperately wait in line at the Duluth Animal Hospital to catch a glimpse of them. 

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

According to Williams, Penny gets excited when Roo is around because she knows he’s getting food and treats. When she hears him getting fed, she goes to steals his food. He just loves snuggling up with her because he is like a big teddy bear. 

Image courtesy of Duluth Animal Hospital

There is nothing cuter than unlikely friendships between animals when no one would ever suspect that they would team up.

Dogs and chickens can play together, doing things like sharing food, snuggling. They can pretty much act just like you and your best friend and become thick as thieves.

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Aren’t they just too cute?!

All images are used with kind permission from the Duluth Animal Hospital Facebook Page

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