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A Dog Was Allegedly Buried Alive But Dug Himself Out Of His Own Grave

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Many animals are mistreated in the hands of the humans who are supposed to take care and protect them. These innocent animals have been known to suffer physical violence, neglect as well as emotional abuse. 

Animal hoarding is very common nowadays. Animal abusers are cowards who take their anger out on innocent creatures. According to research, these people tend to repeat their crimes. These crimes can only be combatted using courage and kindness.

You might be shocked when you hear about what some humans are capable of and how badly they treat animals.

Here we have this poor German Shepherd named Kiryusha who had a very horrible experience. According to Paws Planet, this dog was given a lethal injection and buried alive. Kiryusha was just seven months old. 

Fortunately, he managed to survive the injection and dig himself out of the grave.

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As soon as he escaped the grave, Kiryusha went looking for help. This was when he came across Olga Listseva, a 39-year-old lady who was driving by. 

She traveled that road in Northern Russia when she observed this dog walking in the rain, yet she drove past.

Being a kind soul, Olga couldn’t get the dog out of her mind and allow it to walk all alone in the rain. So Olga turned her vehicle around and went back to Kiryusha. She then realized that he needed help and let him into the back seat of the car.

Kiryusha slept throughout the entire trip. After Olga reached her house, she gave him food and contacted a dog rescue service named Kind City.

They tried to find Kiryusha’s owners by sharing pictures online, thinking that the dog was lost.

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After sharing the pictures of Kiryusha, Kind City managed to find out that he came from, which enabled Kind City to locate and contact the owners. They then learned that he was left to die because the owners believed that it was unhealthy. 

These cruel people even admitted to injecting the dog with a lethal drug. They had buried the dog along the highway. But Kiryusha somehow managed to dig himself out of this grave. 

After hearing about the health problems, Kind City decided to conduct some medical tests. They established that the dog was suffering from exposure and hunger. 

Although the owners apologized for their behavior, Kiryusha was not returned to them. Instead, he will be starting a new life in a new home. 

People who abuse animals are cowardly. Those people take their issues out on the most defenseless victims available, even on people. Research in psychology and criminology has shown that animal abusers tend to repeat their crimes and commit similar offenses even against members of their own species. 

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This phenomenon is known to law enforcement and humane society professionals as “the link.” For everyone’s protection, it’s essential for law-enforcement officials and districts to treat cases of cruelty to animals seriously and to ensure that the abusers are adequately prosecuted and sentenced.

Did you know that people feared being buried alive that they invented special safety coffins for centuries? Inventors have been patenting technology to prevent such a nightmare from happening.

Photo credit: YouTube/PAWS NATION

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