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A Breathtaking Underwater Waterfall In Mauritius

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A waterfall is where water flows over a vertical drop into a river or stream, or melted water drops over an edge, however, waterfalls don’t look alike. There are so pretty unique and unusual waterfalls around the world, just like this underwater waterfall in Mauritius.

Mauritius is an island approximately 2000 kilometers or 1.200miles from the southeast coast of the African continent. The island is also a well-known travel destination for thousands of people worldwide with loads of beautiful sights to see, including the breathtaking phenomenon of an underwater waterfall.

On the Southwestern side of the island and just of the coast of Le Morne is the spectacular illusion of an underwater waterfall. The illusion can only be seen from a birds-eye view that causes the illusion, but with the help of google maps, it looks like a vortex sucking in its surroundings.

Science blog website explains that the phenomenon of underwater waterfalls occurs when the sand of the shores are driven via the currents of the ocean from the high coastal shelf into the dark ocean depths.

The view from the bird’s eye view of the coral reef near the mountain Le Morne Brabant, a beautiful blue lagoon, and the underwater waterfall.

They are causing the illusion of water cascading to the depths of the ocean floor and the fascinating natural occurrence. 

While most of the waters around Mauritius reach the maximum depths of 150 meters, the coastal shelves suddenly plunge thousands of meters into the deep depths of the ocean, making this phenomenon even more fascinating.

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Check out this video of a flight over the Mauritius coast, observing the unique nature illusion of the underwater waterfall.

Although it is apparent that there is a deceptive illusion, there is still something very magical about the idea of a waterfall underwater.

In Oahu, they have an Upside-down waterfall.

The upside-down waterfall in Oahu is located along the Pali Highway. It appears to have its waters defy gravity and flow in an upside-down direction, an appearance that is most profound when observed from a distance.

Mother Nature is amazing!

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