Lifelike Sculptures Made From Recycled Newspapers

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Chie Hitotuyama of Hitotsuyama Studio

Japanese artist Chie Hitotuyama of Hitotsuyama Studio, born and raised in Fuji city, once the capital of paper manufacturing in Japan. As a child, Hitotuyama was attracted to paper art, not surprising as her grandfather had an old paper-braiding factory, where she enjoyed watching and listening to the machines making paper twine and getting buried under the paper scraps.

During their breaks, she enjoyed seeing the workers make things from scraps of paper twine. The warehouse studio location is in the same building that was once a paper manufacturing plant operated by her family.

Today tons of old newspapers have gained new life in the hands of this talented artist, taking recycling to a whole new level.

Hitotsuyama creates these life sized sculptures entirely out of rolled up pieces of newspaper which she glued and twisted one by one into strings. From there she works her magic.

Below are a few of her amazing creations, including a video below.

The rhino was inspired when Hitotsuyama came across an injured rhino which was attacked by poachers.

Here she is cutting sheets into long strips, preparing and sculpturing another masterpiece.

Since that first sculpture, Hitotsuyama has gone on to create numerous other rolled newspaper masterpieces.

Watch the video below:

We may not all be able to create such recycled masterpieces, yet we can all participate in keeping our planet clean and green.

A few easy ways to recycle;

Reuse your plastic bags.
Use rechargeable batteries.
Buy products made from recycled material.
Recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.
Make compost from peels of fruit and vegetables.
Recycle your plastic, paper, and glass separately, use recycling bins if necessary.

To view more, visit Hitotsuyamastudio,or you can follow her on Facebook.

Permission to publish photographs herein granted by Chie Hitotuyama of Hitotsuyama Studio photographs.

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