98-year-old Mom Moves Into Senior Care Home to Take Care of Her 80-year-old Son

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A Mother’s love is a love that no one can explain; It is sincere devotion and sacrifice, It is endless and selfless, and enduring come what may. Nothing should be able to destroy it or take the love away.

In 2016 Tom Keating retired painter/decorator became a resident in Moss View care home in Huyton, Liverpool, as he needed additional care.

Tom never married and lived together with his mother for much of his life. They are very close. Tom is not ashamed to admit that he is a mama’s boy. 

A year after Tom became a resident, Ada Keating, a former nurse of 98 years of age, joined him in Moss View care home. Ada missed living with 80-year-old Tom, and a nurse by trade felt she could help care. That’s when she decided to spend her final days closer to her son.

Indeed a rare situation where mother and son live together in an assisted care facility. She comes every morning to say morning, and her voice is the last he hears before going to sleep at night. They hang out all day together. They are inseparable.  

Philip Daniels, manager of the care home, is very touched to see the bond that Tom and Ada share and is pleased that they were able to accommodate both of their needs.

In Ada’s words, “you never stop being a mother.”

A mother’s love is a rare bond between mothers and their children. In most cases, a mother’s love is unconditional and would instinctively protect her offspring from the moment she knows she is pregnant.

Annually we celebrate Mother’s day in different parts of the world to express our respect, love, and gratitude towards our mothers. This day helps people remember the importance and significance of having mothers in their lives.

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