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89-Year-Old Dog Lover Hand Knitted 450 Coats and Blankets for Shelter Dogs in Need

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89-year-old Maisie Green had been hand knitting for shelter dogs at her local shelter – Dogs Trust. With Maisie’s family’s help delivering her blankets and coats, this friendly bunch donates about three times a year. 

Maisie loves knitting, and she loves dogs; the two combine both beautifully together. It takes Maisie about three days to knit one blanket and one day to knit a dog coat. 

Maisie enjoys knitting while watching TV. As Maisie expressed, she is thoroughly delighted to help the pups at the Dogs Trust Centre. Over the years, approximately 450 coats and blankets Maisie has knitted, delivered, donated, and fitted for dogs in need.

One person can make such a difference. 

Dogs Trust is the largest Shelter organization in the United Kingdom, with 20 branches up to date, spread throughout the UK. Dogs Trust is easily accessible from nearly every city on the continent.

There are so many dog shelters in every country that need your support, either by adopting, fostering, sponsoring, donating. Please help to rehome dogs by spreading the message.

While these dogs wait patiently for a forever home, they rely on shelter employees and volunteers to look after them. It is gratifying if you a dog lover to work with dogs. 

Dogs Trust has n policy that they will never put a healthy dog to sleep. 

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Below we have some other fantastic initiatives from shelters.

Every 4th of July, animals get frightened by the flashing lights and the noise of fireworks. They get scared and can run amok and could land up at a shelter. 

So in 2018, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) in Phoenix, Arizona, experimented with a program they created named “Calming the Canines.” The shelter opened the doors to the public to help keep the animals calm. Jose Santiago, a staff member, posted a video on the shelter’s Facebook page, which received a fantastic response.

Humane Society of Missouri has made a significant difference for the animals at their shelter. As we all know, life in the shelter can be very lonely and frightening for these animals, especially as some of them have lost trust in humans. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can adopt a pet for various reasons. An ingenious idea for a reading program named Shelter Buddies Reading Program made a significant difference to these animals at the shelter when the kids read to them.

It is also good for the kids as it introduces them to empathy and caring for animals and improves their reading skills.

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We hope that other shelters follow suit. Maybe you could initiate some great and wonderful ideas in your community. 

Image credit and for more information: Dogs Trust – Facebook – Website

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