8 Symptoms Of A Low Vibration To Look Out For

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We are all energetic beings, made up of light energy, and the movement of this energy creates what is known as our frequency vibration.  Our energy can move at a very high vibrational frequency, which will bring us more health, happiness and prosperity, or at a very low vibrational frequency, which will bring us the opposite.  With that in mind, there are a few symptoms of a low vibration to let us know when our energy has dipped too far.

Take a look over this list of symptoms of a low vibration.  Keep in mind, we all will experience items on this list from time to time, and that is ok.

Do not feel bad or guilty if you are experiencing these symptoms, or have experienced them in the past, because it is very normal for us to occasionally find ourselves in a low vibrational state. The purpose of this list isn’t to make anyone feel bad, but rather to offer information on how to identify a low vibration, so that we can take steps to raise our vibrations and lead happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

At the end of this article will be a few suggestions of energetic work you can do during low times in order to raise your vibration.  It is a short list, but it’s a good one to start with if you’re looking for more information.

Symptoms of a Low Vibration

1. Wearing mostly root chakra colors:

Blacks, browns, grays and reds are all colors of the protective root chakra, which is the lowest vibrational chakra in the body.  While there is nothing wrong with wearing these colors in moderation, if you find that you usually or only wear these colors it may be an indication that you are in a low vibrational state.  People often wear these colors unconsciously in low vibrational times to protect themselves when they are in a “survival state.”

2. Significant debt or poverty:

People with a strong, high vibrational frequency typically have abundance in their lives.  While they may not necessarily be “rich” or “wealthy,” they will feel that their needs are met and that they don’t have to struggle.  If you feel like you are struggling financially to survive, this may simply be an indication of a low vibration.

3. Illness, particularly chronic illness:

Illness is one of the common symptoms of a low vibration.   Disease is typically a manifestation of negative, stressful thinking that has been transformed into a condition of the body.


A clever way that I’ve heard it explained before is that disease is “dis”-“ease,” or a lack of ease in one’s body.  While short, infrequent illnesses usually demonstrate a small hiccup in one’s vibration, long, chronic diseases are generally due to significant blockages in one’s vibrational energy.

4. Insomnia (inability to sleep at night):

Sleep is one way that we connect strongly to the universe on a daily basis.  In a semi or unconscious state, we revert back into resonance more closely with the oneness of the universe. Having insomnia often means that the body and soul are having a hard time connecting with the oneness, and it is likely caused by anxiety (a low vibrational emotion).

5. Frequent accidents:

Accidents almost always occur when we aren’t “going with the flow,” which is to move in a harmonious way with the universe.  If you find that you are getting into many accidents (of any type), this is an indication that you may be dealing with a low vibration, due to pushing against your natural energetic currant.

6. Significant/multiple injuries:

Along the same lines as the accidents above, frequent injuries are also symptoms of a low vibration due to not going with the flow, and unbalanced thinking.

7. Dysfunctional relationships:

People in a high vibrational state tend to have pleasant relationships with their loved ones, friends, neighbors and  coworkers.  While one or two “dysfunctional” relationships may not be much to worry about, if you find that many of the relationships in your life are strained, you may be suffering from a low vibration.

8. Excessive dandruff:

This is a sign that your crown chakra is blocked and your line of communication with the higher self isn’t clear.  Your crown chakra is the energy center at the top of your head that receives love and light from the universe. When it is blocked, severe dandruff can appear.

We all have the capacity to experience low vibrational moments.  It is very, very common.  So, if you find that you experience some of these symptoms only once in awhile, don’t worry about it too much.  Our vibrations change moment to moment, and we’re all allowed to go up and down the scale.

However, if you find that you are experiencing some of these symptoms for long periods of time, you may be interested in doing some energetic work to raise your vibration in order to make your life more pleasant. Fortunately, there are a number of easy things you can do to start to raise your vibration.

If you think you might be stuck in a low vibration, it’s a good idea to start meditating daily in order to quickly reconnect with the universe.  You can also do some energetic work with gemstones and color, and you can burn sage in your home to clear out negative energy around you.

Please don’t feel bad or guilty when you are suffering from symptoms of a low vibration.    They are simply signs that are meant to show you that you are in a disconnected state, nothing more.  Take care of yourself in low vibrational times, attend to your needs and try out some strategies to raise your vibration, and you will find that these times become less severe and less frequent.


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