747 Converted To The World’s Largest Fire Fighting Aircraft – The Spirit Of John Muir

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The U.S Supertanker drop gallons during the Mount Carmel forest wild-fires in Israel. ShacharLA, via wikipedia.org

Times are changing, technology is always improving. The old 747 faithful planes are becoming discontinued for the likes of newer, faster, and more efficient aircraft.

Delta, the Worlds second-largest airline, replaced its fleet of jumbo jets with Airbus A350s, which are smaller and ultraefficient long-range airliners. Most of the other airlines in the world are doing the same thing, replacing huge jets with smaller ones.

British Airways, which could be the biggest airline, is following the suit. It has already placed about 34 Boeings in storage, and the model would be gone from its hangers by 2024.

But maybe not……

Imagine what the 747’s are capable of if it could transport about 500 passengers in a single trip.

It would seem that the 747’s are getting resurrected to save our forests from burning to the ground.

Strip her naked, and you have space to house at least 20000 gallons of flame retardant, which is 75000 liters – per Boeing. In just 15 seconds, it can cover and spray 2 miles. Also capable of 8 different shoots of retardant in a single journey. Just imagine how many animals and forests would be saved in a fire season.

She can extinguish flames at a speed of 600mph, allowing it to be almost anywhere in the U.S. in approx 2.5 half hours and almost anywhere else in the world in about 20 hours.

The “Supertanker” Leaving LLBG after finishing its assistance regarding fighting the wildfire in Israel.
Credit: LLHZ2805, via wikipedia. CC BY-SA 4.0

This beautiful Boeing is known as the Global Super Tanker and makes her the perfect Firefighter – a machine with no fear of marine, chemical, oil, or wildfires. With speed and power allowing her to reach steep mountain slides and other usually unobtainable areas.

The Spirit of John Muir, the world’s largest aerial firefighting asset, is a Boeing 747-400 homed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This Super Tanker equipped with sprayers for dropping water, fire retardant gels, liquids, and foams capable of dousing fires but also coating trees and obstacles to prevent the fire from spreading further.

This firefighting machine got its firefighting license in 2016 in Israel and Chile. Since then its been taken over by US officials who have an almost annual fire problem, especially in California. It has already been used in 2018 in Cleveland National Forest. Here they modified the jet to house 16 Firefighters.

What a difference The Spirit of John Muir made, it can also be used to reseed the destructed land.

Long live the 747

Featured image: ShacharLA, via wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

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