7 Signs Of Good Self-Esteem (And How To Improve Yours!)

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How is your self-esteem? We all have moments where we have self-doubt, and worry that we aren’t good enough.  That being said, some of us tend more towards good self-esteem, while others tend more towards poor self-esteem.  To see where you land on the spectrum, evaluate yourself based on these seven signs of good self-esteem.

Signs of Good Self-Esteem

1. You are ok with making mistakes:

People with good self-esteem are able to cut themselves some slack when they make a mistake.  They don’t let their mistakes cripple them, and then don’t look back on their mistakes with regret.  Instead, they see their mistakes as lessons or even signs of progress.  They know that to make mistakes is to be human, and they don’t look down on themselves for being imperfect.

2. You don’t use self-deprecating language:

People with good self-esteem can simply say “thank you” when they receive a compliment.  They do not feel the need to point out all of their flaws to others. They don’t make a habit of saying things like “I’m so fat,” “I’m so absent-minded” or “I’m stupid.” They don’t abuse themselves with unnecessary criticism.

3. You have good posture, and you hold your head high:

People with poor self-esteem often try to hide themselves from others by cowering, crossing their arms, or keeping their head down.  A person with truly good self-esteem holds their head high, and walks tall.  They aren’t afraid to be noticed by others.

4. You don’t take criticism personally:

We all get hit with criticism now and again, but how we respond to it can illustrate the quality of our self-esteem.  Those with high self-esteem can easily brush off critical comments.  If the criticism is valid, they take note of it, make an adjustment and move on.  If the criticism is rude or unkind, they easily discard it.

In contrast, a person with low self-esteem will often internalize criticism, be it good or bad.  They will be easily hurt by criticism, and be more inclined to believe that there is something wrong with them.

5. You take chances:

People with high self-esteem believe in their dreams and in their abilities. The allow themselves to take chances because they believe that they have the power to create their realities the way they want them to be.

People with poor self-esteem will often settle in life, because they are afraid to take the leap.  They spend more time and effort believing in their limitations rather than believing in their possibilities.

6. You allow yourself to shine:

A person with good self-esteem isn’t afraid for others to see them at their best.  This doesn’t mean they are a braggart or they are overly attention-seeking, but rather that they don’t feel the need to cover up their skills and talents from the world.

7. You don’t put up with abuse or maltreatment from others:

People with poor self-esteem often feel that if they are being treated improperly, it’s probably because they deserve it.  People with good self-esteem, however, believe that they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect no matter what.  They aren’t afraid to walk away from abusive, manipulative and toxic relationships.

So, how did you score on these signs of good self-esteem? Chances are, if you are like most of us, you scored well in some areas and not so well in others, and that’s ok.  The good news is that if you are aware of the signs of good self-esteem, you will be able to adjust your actions to improve your personal self-esteem. 

If you can simply act as if you have good self-esteem, you will begin to internalize it and it will become habit.  For example, if you can simply stop using self-deprecating language, and hold your head high in a crowd, these actions will actually make you feel better about yourself, even if you currently have low self-esteem.  

The simple act of changing your behaviors to mirror those of people with good self-esteem will rub off on you, and you will start to gain more confidence and love for yourself.  It’s really that easy.

Life is a journey, and part of that journey involves reaching for self-acceptance. Treat yourself well, be your own best friend, and keep reaching for better and better self-esteem.  We all have within us the power to love ourselves more, and by doing this, we will create happier and healthier lives for ourselves.


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