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7 Qualities That Could Prove That Some Are A Wolfs Among Sheep

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We are surrounded by people wearing empty smiles and masks to cover up the emptiness that fills them, almost like soulless beings unable to think for themselves that are caught up in the same routine day in and out. On rare occasions, you will hear of one unique soul who ultimately breaks free from the strings of the puppeteers they are known as the Wolfs

The wolf that does not care what others think but is driven by his inner being and a need to be free. He takes full responsibility for his exitance. He can’t be controlled by the chains that keep others bound as he has seen the truth and knows he has the power to shake the world on its axes.
He has no need to devour the sheep as he respects the fact that they have their own free will and enjoy the comfort and safety that comes with having a shepherd and a routine.

In recent times the wolf has been portrait as a having negative connections to darkness and mythical creatures like Werewolves. But the Native American Indians had the perfect symbolism for wolves. They copied the wolf when they hunted and used the same method; they saw the wolf as an efficient hunter, intelligent teachers, and a loyal friend. The wolf totem till this day symbolizes intelligence and leadership.

Here are qualities that make the Wolf such a remarkable being, can you relate to any of them?

A Wolf is self-reliant and free

They are wild savage animals and can’t be domesticated. They don’t pretend to be something they are not and stay true to their nature. They hate being stuck in a routine and possess the ability to choose a situation instead of adapting to one. They ignore the boxes society places them in and kick against conformity and stereotypes for they are unique and can’t be compared. They know they are the creators of their own destiny and that the ball of fate lies within them.

A Wolf is an outsider

A wolf finds his peace in solitude. Even though they move, live and hunt in packs it is solitude the wolf longs for. It hates crowds, and crowded places avoid people and busyness. They don’t mind living alone and love exploring and finding new adventures. They are not afraid of the unknown, in fact, they seek it. It will distance itself from expectations, mediocrities, and petty bickering.

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A Wolf is reasonable

They mimic behavior shown to them. Treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect and that goes for any way they are treated. A wolf is savage, and when you treat them poorly or unfairly, you will get bitten. They are loyal to their pack, so this goes for any of the pack members as well. You do not want to mess with a wolfs pack.

A Wolf lives for freedom

They are wild and free and can’t be caged. They live on their own terms. They don’t like being told what to do or how to behave. They are adventure seekers and will do what others see as dangerous or unthinkable. They don’t have a boss or owner. They are non-conforming nature branded and proud of it.The Wolf is independant.

A Wolf is a great leader

A Wolf does not howl orders instead he keeps the pack aligned and focused with emotionally-charged communication and without breaking a pack member down. He includes all the members of the pack and takes on a firm hand when a member is out of line. He leads by example. The Wolf will always make sure that the young and weak are nurtured and protected. He is always evaluating ideas and is ready to act with skill and dispatch in an instant. The Wolf can act with sureness and swiftness at the appropriate moment.

A Wolf is intensely protective

Do not mess with a member of the wolf pack unless you are ready to be ripped apart. A wolf will not have mercy on you if you have wronged him or a pack member. It’s their primal instinct to be overwhelmingly protective, and they will never let harm come to anyone he is loyal to or loves.

A Wolf dares to stand out

A wolf will never run from an obstacle, it will plot and ponder, and it will rise to any challenge. He refuses to bow down to anyone. He is fearless against all odds and is a mighty opponent. He is made up of guts and courage and is proud of it.

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“I am me I’m who I’m meant to be I am my past, my present and who I want to be. I’m not anyone. I am all three. I am a work in progress, a destiny. I am who I choose to be. I am Wolf.”

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