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633 Divers Just Set The World Record for Largest Ocean Cleanup of 725.75 Kilos

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The Record for the Guinness World Record for the largest underwater cleanup has been claimed by a group of over 633 eco-friendly Scuba divers, in Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier in Florida.

Under the supervision of a Guinness adjudicator, over 633 Scuba divers plied the waters around the South Florida pier. This pier is a popular fishing spot. They collected debris of fishing weights to plastic, metal, and fishing line. The estimated total of trash collected off the ocean floor was around 3,200 pounds. All waste will be recycled and disposed of accordingly.

Apparently, this is the fifth annual ocean cleanup that has been orchestrated by the local dive shop Dixie Divers and Deerfield Beach Women’s Club.

Egypt held the previous world record in 2015 with around 614 divers.

Regardless of who holds the Guinness World Record, most importantly, the ocean is being cleaned up as a team effort.

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Since 2009 Brigada do Mar brings together hundreds of volunteers from Portugal and Europe to clean up the beaches between Melides a Troia Peninsula. They clean up approximately 45 kilometers of the beach for 15 days without stopping and have collected over 150 tons of dangerous waste, such as spray cans, medication, oil cans, syringes, bottles, even dead animals, which is a hazard for the environment and public health.

To view more photos of the historical event, you can check out the Snap Photography website -HERE-

Featured image courtesy of Snapphotocinema

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