6 Year Old Boy’s Disney Surprise After Donating His Money To Hurricane Victims

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Jermaine Bell, a 6-year-old boy, was saving up for a long time in hopes of visiting Disney World birthday trip. 

After Hurricane Dorian left destruction in its wake, Bell, the 6-year-old boy with a huge-hearted, knew the money he had saved should go to a more beneficial cause. He wanted to help the injured and traumatized people.

According to CNN, more than a million people in the South and North Carolina were forced to evacuate.

Using the money he had saved, Jermaine Bell bought water, chips, and hotdogs for the people that had to evacuate and travel to other places.

He set up a mini stand along a highway 125 in Allendale, South Carolina, where he put up a sign “Dorian Evacuees “FREE” Hot Dogs & Water.”

Bell and his grandmother Aretha Grant handed out water and served the people with hot dogs and chips. He and his grandmother helped more than 100 evacuees that day.

Bell made headlines with his good deed, not realizing that a couple of weeks later, he would get the surprise of a lifetime.

On his birthday Bell was surprised by Disney. Mickey Mouse and Disney World members arrived at his home and announced he was going to Disney after all. 

Jermaine was excited to visit Disney’s “The Lion King” is his favorite Disney film.

Featured Image Credit: WJBF / CNN Headlines News

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