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50 Dogs Were Rescued From a Former Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

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Every dog has its day, they say, meaning that every dog around the world will have their luck and success at some point in their lives. Concerning this proverb, 50 dogs, including jiindos, mastiffs, and a small retriever named ‘Tiny Tim,’ was rescued from a slaughterhouse located in Yogin, South Korea, by the Korean Animal Rights Group.

These dogs were found caged within metal bars without sufficient food or water, thus kept captive with fear and suffering. Once the rescuers reached the dog farm, the dogs’ situation was clearly witnessed through their eyes of innocence which reflected on the trauma they had to undergo.

This facility was immediately shut down by the authorities with the assistance of the Yongin Animal Care Association, KoreanK9Rescue, and Humane Society International as a result.

Later, this disclosed site was to be demolished. HSI stated that they personally shudder to think of the horrors that the animals have witnessed on the farm, especially since this facility also had a dog slaughterhouse on site. Therefore they will have seen and heard dogs being slaughtered.”

Most dogs were prone to certain diseases like malnourishment, skin diseases, sore feet, and head and ear wounds, including constant fear and traumatic feelings that affected not only their physical well-being but even their mental well-being.

Yet, on a good note, these dogs are now safe and sound under the care of the HSI’s temporary facility in South Korea, receiving all needs and care they were deprived of. As the authorities’ next step, they’ve started a vaccination program before giving these dogs up for adoption in the United States and Canada.

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According to the HSI, two million dogs are still kept captive in many farms across many regions. So far, 17 dog farms, the largest dog slaughterhouse, and dog meat markets have been shut down legitimately, but there are many other places that need a legislative ban.

Polls have been made on this cause of justice to dogs, and as a result, it has been proved that many are reluctant to eat dog meat and are seen only as domestic pets.

Furthermore, respect and value towards dogs have been portrayed through the yearly Nepalese Hindu Festival, which is a five-day festival that takes place at the later part of October until early November.

During this process, dogs are celebrated with a feast and given a Tika, which is a mark on their foreheads, as a blessing. To conclude, the relationship between man and dogs is sacred. Every living being deserves to have a chance in life.

Here we have a heartwarming story of children reading to animals at the shelter. It is really very good for both. Children learn so much from them. If you can rather save an animal from the shelter. So adopt rather than purchasing an animal.

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The featured image is not from the dog meat farm.

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