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5 Year Old Drags His Sister Out of a Window During a Fire and Went Back in to Save the Family Dog

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A brave five-year-old kid from Bartow Country, Georgia, named Noah Woods, saved seven people from an electrical fire outbreak that resulted in his house burning up. This is why Noah is one of the few children who received the Lifesaving Award, which is a great honor.

When the fire started, everyone in Noah’s family was asleep. But Noah smelled the smoke and noticed the fire. He quickly grabbed his sister and left through the room window. 

He then went back in and saved their family dog. After that, he rushed to his uncle next door to ask for help to save the others trapped inside the house. 

Nine people were saved. Fortunately, no one died from this terrible fire. The family members only suffered from minor burns and smoke inhalation.

This incident has inspired Noah to become a Police Officer when he grows up. It is amazing how someone as small as Noah was brave and alert enough to save his whole family. 

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Due to his courageous actions, he was named an honorary firefighter. They even had an event to congratulate him for his bravery. The Fire Department gave Noah a fireman helmet and a badge. 

Since they lost their home, Noah’s family has opened up a GoFundMe account, hoping that generous people from around the world will contribute to this cause.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, out of half a million structures caught on fire in the USA, $11.1 billion property damages occurred due to domestic fires. Some of the causes are cooking, smoking, candles, heaters, appliances, Christmas trees, and children playing with fire. 

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In a previous article Sadie, the Pit Bull was so determined to get the baby out of the house that there were blood claw marks on the door that leads out, and a sliding glass door blocker was dugout. 

She managed to save the baby by dragging her out the house by her diaper. People often wrongly identify Pit bulls vicious, and terrible breed of dogs, not to be trusted. Many countries Pit bulls are illegal.

This Pit bull has helped to reverse the stigma attached to them.

Featured image is screenshot from the YouTube video.

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