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18th Century Sculpture Has An Exceptionally Intricate Carved Marble Net Draped Around It

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“Il Disinganno” is a fantastic sculpture carved on a solid block of marble. It depicts a man draped with a fishing net, facing an angel and sculptured with intricate detailing. This breathtaking beauty sculpted by the talented sculptors of the 18th century brings forth the artistic talents hidden inside the human soul. 

The artist of this beautiful creation is by Francesco Queirolo. He was born in Genoa is 1704 and was trained under Guiseppe Rusconi. Francesco was an Italian who lived in Naples and Rome during the Rococo period. This sculpture resides at the Capella Sansevero in Naples. 

“Il Disinganno” means “The Release from Deception” in English. Francesco started sculpting this wonder in 1752. It was dedicated to his father Antonio, Duke of Torremaggiore, by Raimondo di Sangro. The delicate detailing of the fishing net is still admired by artists worldwide and has gained their respect. It took Francesco years to finish the sculpture because he did it on his own.

Other sculptors were afraid even to touch the creation, thinking it would damage the net. Il Disinganno acts as a symbol. There are arguments as to if it is biblical or profane. 

According to the Sansevero Chapel Museum, the net portrays sin. The man is set free by the angel, ridding the man of his sins. The angel then offers him a bible that rests at his feet. Secular symbols like the globe signify worldly passions. Human intellect is depicted through the flame on the angel’s head. They were used to highlight Raimondo’s dedication to Antonio.

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The sculpture now stands next to the Sansevero Chapel, a family burial site. This chapel also contains 30 other artworks such as The Veiled Christ by Guiseppe Sanmartino and The Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini.

Check out this video of the amazing sculpture.

There is a difference between carvings and sculptures. 

In general, sculptures are the object of 3-dimensional works that can be made through various techniques and is the art of shaping. Carving is when you carve an object. 

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There are four basic types of sculpture. Sculptures are created using wood carving, stone carving, bronze casting, and clay firing.

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