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14-Year-Old Sews Colorful Bow Ties To Help Animals Find Forever Homes

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An adorable picture of a pet really matters when it comes to pet adopters. It is what attracts them and ensures that any pet finds their forever home. Wouldn’t you adopt a pet if it was wearing a cute accessory? I know I would. A teenage boy from the USA has made it possible for thousands of dogs and cats to get the attention that they deserve through donating classy and stylish bow ties to shelters in the United States.

14-year-old Sir Darius Brown from Newark, New Jersey. He started making bow ties for dogs back in 2017 after seeing displaced animals getting rescued from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Since Brown is a major dog lover, he decided to make some
adorable bow ties to allow the dogs to really stand out and get adopted quickly. After learning that animals in shelters get euthanized when they aren’t adopted fast or due to overcrowding, he decided to expand and make bow ties for more dogs.

Even the shelter managers encouraged this idea because they thought it to be rather clever. Up to now, Brown has donated more than 1,000 bow ties to over 30 shelters and adoption centers in the USA as well as the UK. The bow ties even make aggressive dogs look approachable. These bow ties help both puppies as well as older dogs. Even pit bulls look more distinguished when presented with a bow tie. 

Brown started to sew when he was just 8 years old. His sister Dazhai, who is a hairstylist, makes hair bows and wigs. It is she who taught him to sew. Brown used to add a strap to the hair bows his sister made and transform them into bow ties. His friends and family encouraged him after they saw his fabulous creations. At first, it took Brown an hour to finish making a bow tie, but now it only takes him 15-45 minutes, depending on the method he uses. 

Besides the bow ties that he donated, he has also sold around 1,000 of them. Brown aims to visit shelters in every state personally and donate the bow ties with his own hands. There are many people waiting in line to buy his bow ties, and many shelters have also requested him for donations. We should all appreciate his great service towards animals, and Brown is definitely a true hero. Don’t forget, not all heroes wear capes, some make bow ties.

On The Open Mind, we have many uplifting stories as well as young children doing things to make this planet a better place.

Here we have Pawel 9-year-old Russian boy who sells his original pet paintings for food as well as supplies for an Animal Shelter. He is a hero in disguise as he paints these portraits of the pets for the exchange of supplies and food, which he donates to the local shelter. Read more.

The Wisconsin Humane Society created another fun innovation. They did a campaign which they posted on Facebook. For every donation of $15, they would draw their pet. It appears that everyone had fun, and the paintings were exceptionally good in a comic style. To view some of the paintings, click here.

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