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11 Year Old Iranian Girl Beats Einstein And Hawking In the Mensa IQ Test

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Tara Sharifi, a young Iranian student at Aylesbury High School in the United Kingdom, broke through the MENSA test with a mind-blowing score. She surpassed great thinkers such as the late Professor Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Mensa is an organization that only accepts those who score in the 98th percentile on an IQ test. Mensa is the oldest recognized and prestigious high IQ society on earth.

The Mensa IQ Test is culture and language-neutral and focuses on each student’s ability to understand the meanings of the word. They also focus on the time set to answering the questions.

Tara Sharifi taking the Mesa IQ test in Oxford was not expecting to score that great. Tara was totally taken by surprise when she received the results. She scored above the genius benchmark of 140. In fact, her score was 162, which is 2 points above that of Albert Einstein, who is
acknowledged to be the father of modern physics.

Her father Hossein figured she might do well as she is smart but never thought that she would get such a high IQ score. When he watched TV, he saw she would get the maths questions before the other contestants.

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Tara Sharifi high score qualifies her for the Mensa membership, which is known as the High IQ society.

Tara now wants to pursue something related to maths when she gets older.

Here is a rough guide according to the score on the Mensa test:

115-124 is above average (university students)
125-134 is gifted (post-graduate students)
135-144 is highly talented (intellectuals)
145-164 Genius
165-178 High genius
180-200 Highest genius

Tara Sharifi, a young Iranian student at Aylesbury High School in the United Kingdom.

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