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11-Year-Old Boy From California Runs His Very Own Successful Recycling Company

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Sustainability is a major concern nowadays. The 3R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle, are very important in conserving the environment. 

Ryan Hickman is an 11-year-old kid from California who visited the local recycling center with his father daily, which inspired him to start his own recycling company. He established his company at the young age of three. Ever since then, he has recycled over 1 million cans and bottles. 

His successful recycling company has been able to keep away cans and bottles from winding up in the ocean. In 2012 he learned all about recycling and realized that he was passionate about it. So he gave empty plastic bags to his neighbors to save their recyclables and give them to him. Fortunately for Ryan, his neighbor’s friends, families, and co-workers also decided to contribute to this project. 

According to the information on his website, ‘Ryan’s Recycling Company,’ he has a large customer base all over Orange County, California. Ryan is the CEO, manager as well as employee of his own company. 

Ryan spends a lot of his time going through cans and bottles he receives from his customers. Ryan then sorts the cans and bottles before taking them to the recycling center. He is rather determined to keep the environment clean.

At seven, he was able to raise over $10,000. According to Ryan’s father, the money is for Ryan’s college education. But Ryan wants to buy a trash truck in the future. 

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Even at school, he loves helping Mr. Jose, the janitor, to separate the trash. Ryan has even partnered up with Recycle Across America to create awareness about recycling. 

He sells T-shirts on his website, then donates the proceeds to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach. Ryan hopes to start a nonprofit called ‘recycling awareness’ to conduct beach cleanups.

He also wants to travel around the world to teach people to recycle better. This amazing kid is an example to us all. We should all follow his path and recycle to save our planet. 

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Ryan is not the only young boy to start a business at an early age.

After living in a shed, Aaron, inspiring dedication and patience 8-year-old boy, earned enough money to get his family a home. Before, they had to use bathrooms that belonged to nearby restaurants at one stage.

Pavel, a 9-year-old Russian boy, sells his pet paintings for food and supplies for shelter animals. When he lost his four-legged animal fur-friend, it inspired him to start selling his paintings. 

MacRebur, a UK-based company, discovered an incredible way to reduce pollution caused by plastic. The plastic is melted at a particular temperature to make asphalt, which can last about ten times longer.

These young boys are helping to make a difference in our world. Let’s hope that more people start recycling and coming up with ways to utilize our planet’s waste.

All images are used with permission from Ryan. For more info Ryan’s Recycling Company.

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