10 Tips On How To Reduce Toxins To Boost Energy

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It is nearly impossible to completely cleanse your body of toxins because they are everywhere. Toxins can be found in the air you breathe and the food you eat. Your body can even create toxins from experiencing too much stress. Even if you can not eliminate all the toxins in your body, it is still important to reduce them as much as possible, so that your health and energy do not suffer.

Your body is designed to handle small amount of toxins on a regular basis. When there are too many toxins in your body at once, your body starts to breakdown. This may make you feel nausea, sick, and fatigue. In long run, toxins can cause chronic health problems, resulting in a lack of energy and emotional issues.

Ten Tips to Reduce Toxins to Boost Energy

  1. Avoid processed food because it has harmful chemical preservatives and is low in nutrients. Certain processed foods are contaminated with sodium fluoride, a toxic waste. For proof that sodium fluoride is a toxic waste, read this informative article.
  2. Avoid eating seafood from polluted areas such as the Gulf of Mexico. This gulf has high cases of paralytic shellfish poisoning due to the chemicals that are dumped into its shoreline from the Mississippi River.
  3. Stay away from smoking cigarette and reduce alcohol consumption. Each cigarette has thousands of chemical compounds and substances. Some of the harmful chemical compounds and substances are carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia. Alcohol also contains a good amount of toxins. Too much alcohol in your system can damage vital organs, such as the brain and the liver. The liver is important for removing toxins.
  4. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables because they are full of nutrients that can assist your body to eliminate toxins.
  5. Stay away from big cities that have major pollution problems. These cities have more toxins in the atmosphere because of industrial pollution.
  6. Avoid dental amalgam (silver fillings) for the reason that it has mercury in it. You should learn how to detox mercury, because it is the most toxic heavy metal and is one of the common causes of heavy metal poisoning. To learn how to safely detox heavy metals, read this article titled How to Safely Detox Mercury & Heavy Metals to Increase Energy.
  7. Avoid eating grilled food and fried food as much as possible, because they are usually high in carcinogens.
  8. Vitamins are important for health but not all vitamins are created equally. The vitamins you need to be wary of are synthetic vitamins. Some synthetic vitamins are contaminated with toxins. To learn how to choose healthy vitamins for boosting your health and energy, read this informative article about natural energy vitamins.
  9. Exercise a few times a week to increase blood flow and improve body functions. To help your body eliminate toxins, do exercises that cause you to sweat. The process of sweating allows toxins to be eliminated from your body through your skin pores. If you do not like to exercise to the point of sweating, sauna bath is a good alternative for helping your body to eliminate toxins through your skin pores.
  10. Go on a healthy detoxification program. This type of program is great for eliminating toxins from your organs and fatty tissues. When going on a detox program, it is best to do it in cycles to avoid side effects due to your body releasing too many toxins stored in your fatty tissues and organs.

A simple way to reduce certain toxins in your body is through breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are great for eliminating carbon dioxide through the lungs. In low levels, carbon dioxide is not harmful. In high levels, it can cause your blood to become acidic. Acidic blood (acidosis) is great for causing fatigue and chronic health problems. For best results, avoid doing breathing exercises in polluted areas.


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