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Fake Rhino Horns To Obstruct The Poacher’s Market

Researchers at Fudan University in China and the University of Oxford have found a way of making fake rhino horns from horsehair economically. Plenty of ideas have come up for the fake horn, but this project needs a convincing version that would be cost-effective for mass production, hence ...
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Nigerian Inventor Designs Smokeless Stove That Can Also Charge Your Phone

Abuja born Max Chinnah, a 26-year-old Nigerian, has invented a smokeless stove. This brilliant invention can even charge your cell phone while cooking. Chinnah grandmother died of complications from breathing polluted air from cookstoves that and together with being intrigued by climate change and how to leave a ...
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Horse-Sterical, Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead When Someone Tries To Ride Him

One dramatic horse named Jingang is too busy horsing around to let anyone ride him. Jingang, the horse, pretends to be ‘dead’ every time someone wants to ride him. He has nailed this death trick down to a T. It’s horse-sterical how he lets his tongue hang out ...
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Life News Uplifting

The Homeless In Austin Is Getting Paid $15 An Hour To Clean Up The City

In 2018, a report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development had calculated that around 553,000 people were homeless. Unfortunately, this fact gets worse because, for most jobs, a permanent address is required. This adds to the circumstances around the problems of homeless people finding employment ...
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Milkmen Return In London To Slash Single-Use Plastic Waste

Excellent news for the environmental as Milkmen return to London as millennials start ordering glass milk bottles in a bid to slash single-use plastic waste. To reduce plastic waste in London, milkmen returned to deliver milk in glass bottles; many city residents are renewing their activities and returning ...
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Grandfathers Funeral Prank Gave Mourners A Last Laugh

In Ireland, to be more precise, in Dublin, a very ironic man before dying, planned a joke to put in place during his funeral. He wanted to give his loved ones a last smile/laugh during this sad moment. The man in question is named Shay Bradley, father of ...
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Animals Uplifting

Orphan Dog Tears Up After Separation From Cow Who Raised Him And When Reunited

We’ve seen some charming and extraordinary pairs of animal friends.The inseparable duo you’re about to meet is a brown mother cow and the little pup she raised. Rookie, a puppy, developed an unlikely bond with a female cow when his mother died after giving birth to him. The ...
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