Wiley, The Dalmatian Puppy With A Heart-Shaped Nose!

Most of us love puppies., especially house trained ones :). They follow in our footsteps and give us cuddles when we are feeling sad. As the saying goes, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” They protect us before they protect themselves. They are faithful companions. Wiley is a ...
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The 15 Most Beautiful And Hazardous Roads In The World

There is nothing more relaxing than a country trip. These roads are beautiful due to the lack of many cars. But apart from the quiet streets of the province, there are hazardous roads that will make the coolest driver scare! Some are poorly constructed, others are hiding in ...
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Woman Transformed A 110-Year-Old Dead Tree Into A Free Little Library For The Neighborhood

How cool is this… Although we live in a connected world, with access to so much knowledge at the click of a button, there is still something magical, and essential, about books. The ability to immerse ourselves in literary fiction and read slowly and deeply, as opposed to ...
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What To Do When Your Partner Is Not On The Spiritual Path

Whether we know it or not, we all are in a spiritual path. It might not seem so seeing how some people lead their lives, or what their interests, characters and behaviours are like; but everyone wants a better life. Everyone hurts and everyone suffers. The spiritual awakening happens at a ...
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Keanu Reeves has secretly given away millions to children’s hospitals

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 20+ years, it’s safe to say that you know who Keanu Reeves is. He has played many iconic roles, such as Ted in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, Johnny Utah in “Point Break”, Jack in “Speed”, Neo in “The ...
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Hunza People Never Get Sick, Don’t Get Cancer and Live up to 120 years

Have you ever heard about Hunza People? There are many myths and stories about people who lived happy and healthy for a long, long time. The myths like the one about the Holy Grail, or the Fountain of Youth are still found quite interesting even after all these years. ...
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The Ultimate Experience – The World’s First Digital Art Museum

Described as “Tokyo’s most Instagrammable spot“, the Mori Building Digital Art Museum is quickly becoming one of Japan’s most popular destinations. It opened in June of this year, and it uses 10,000 square meters, 520 computers and 470 projectors to create a multisensory interactive experience.  The art inside the ...
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