The Life of An Introvert Described By 17 Different Graphs

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Introverts are a special type of people.  I myself find that I have very introverted tendencies, mannerisms, and behaviors, and it seems as though fellow introverts can usually pick up on the vibes that we put off.  Finding a fellow introvert is fun because you get to enjoy talking about all of the fun things you like to do in the privacy of your own home or by yourself.

A lot of people misunderstand what introverts are actually like.  They may come off as socially awkward or shy, or that they have a general hate for everything in life, but in reality most of them just need more time to recharge from the everyday happenings of life.  Introverts like to daydream, and when they’re quiet or not speaking, it doesn’t mean they’re in a bad mood, they’re simply comfortable with the silence.  So the next time you’re with an introvert and you find yourself concerned with the way they’re acting, don’t worry about it, they’re fine, you’re fine, everything is fine.

(Graphs via Anna Borges / BuzzFeed)

Check out these 17 graphs that describe the introvert.


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