Home-Made Camera Captures Stunning Macro Photos Of Snowflakes

Many people assume that professional-grade macro photographs require professional-grade equipment. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov, on the other hand, has proven that this is not the case. Using a simple combination of screws, tape, boards, and cheap discarded camera parts, he created a homemade rig that is capable of capturing macro images of snowflakes in astonishing detail. His collection offers a glimpse at the stunning behavior of snow fall that our natural eyesight could never provide.

Many variables are present during the formation of a snowflake. As the crystalline structure of ice is hexagonal, so to is every flake. What makes them vary so drastically are the subtle changes in humidity and temperature experienced during every moment of descent, resulting in an entirely unique formation process per flake.

To learn more about Kljatov’s DIY macro rig, take a look at his blog spot.

H/T: bored panda

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