According To Ayurvedic Tradition There Are 3 Personality Types. What Is Your Dosha?

The three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—are derived from the five elements. Also known as mind-body types, the doshas express unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. In Ayurveda, health is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body, and environment. You can achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health by identifying your mind-body type and creating a lifestyle that supports your unique nature.

  • I have always been thin and gangly.  Yes  No
  • I lose weight easily and I have difficulty gaining it.  Yes  No
  • I prefer a warm climate and don’t like wind and cold.  Yes  No
  • My hair tends to be curly and dry.  Yes  No
  • My skin tends to be rough and dry.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I tend to become anxious and/or fearful.  Yes  No

  • I have a medium build with medium bone structure.  Yes  No
  • I enjoy competitive activities and enjoy physical or intellectual challenges.  Yes  No
  • I prefer a cool climate to a warm one.  Yes  No
  • I dislike heat, especially humid heat and feel easily fatigued by it.  Yes  No
  • I have a sharp, aggressive mind.  Yes  No
  • My digestion and appetite tends to be strong and I get irritable when I’m hungry.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I tend to become easily frustrated, impatient, or angry.  Yes  No

  • I have a sturdy constitution and a large bone structure.  Yes  No
  • I’ve always been a little overweight.  Yes  No
  • I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it.  Yes  No
  • I tend to have excess mucous.  Yes  No
  • My hair is a thick and lustrous.  Yes  No
  • My energy and stamina are consistent.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I become withdrawn, unmotivated, and resistant to change  Yes  No

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section A,
you have a primarily vata constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section B,
you have a primarily pitta constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section C,
you may have a primarily kapha constitution.

If your answers are split between two or three of the sections,
you are bi- or tridoshic.


Vata are the fiery Dosha. They have big hearts and enjoy balance. They tend to be creative, adaptable, and well spoken.

However, they also have a tendency to fall out of balance and are prone to anxiety. They tend to need space and time to themselves.

They’re lovers of warm climates and have high energy bursts. It’s not uncommon for a Vata to overextend themselves. They tend to be impulsive and respond poorly to stress.


Unlike Vata, Pitta is the calm, cool, water-like Dosha. They tend to be quiet but sure, subdued but strong. Get on their bad side, though, and you can get caught in the uncontrollable torrent that is their ire.

Pitta works hard, giving 110% at everything they do. They may seem a little unmovable and rigid, like a glacier, but they are also intelligent and willing to learn. They enjoy showing the world their talents and developing new skills.


Kapha are the down to earth of the Doshas. They are slow, grounded, and steady people with a nurturing side, but become needy and depressed if out of balance. They enjoy the little things in life and enjoy the pace of the country. They are loving and compassionate people.

At their worst, however, they can become sluggish and, although they are typically gentle and easy going, they can become possessive and will hold grudges. Kapha needs to be extra careful not to become out of balance.


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